Our mission for the XAMAS Ice Model Contest is to promote a fun and engaging competitive experience for participants of all levels.

Created and managed by the global professional sports fashion brand XAMAS, the Ice Model Contest is a platform for young ice skaters to showcase their talent, performances, physique, body movements, and overall image.

Ice skaters have their own style, skills, and strengths. When they slide, flip jump, or spin on the ice stage, every motion is the expression of their inner selves, sentiment, and rhythm. Being bold and confident are athletes’ essential traits during their performance or competition on the ice stage. Otherwise, they could not complete the interplay of slow and dynamic movements through their body language and fluid gestures.

Likewise, fashion models in front of the camera or sashaying down the runway share same qualities and attributes. To help refine and improve their skills, XAMAS now hosts the Ice Model Contest every two years since 2011 to provide ice-skaters with a not-to-be-missed opportunity to express their style, skills, and fashion statement through costumes.

How to Enter

The Ice Model Contest welcomes the participation of both male and female ice skaters aged 9 and 23. Since its inception in 2011, the contest has become an event warmly embraced by ice skaters and their parents throughout the world. Finalists of every event have the opportunity to wear costumes designed by Samantha Giraud, the founder of XAMAS and emerging haute couture designer of Samantha Giraud. The winner of the “Ice Model” title will be highlighted across the ice-skating industry and become the image ambassador for XAMAS’ upcoming seasonal catalogue.

Held in Glacier@Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong, the Ice Model Contest is open to students from international schools and non-ice skaters thereby, further promoting ice skating on a global scale.

Finale: 7 March 2020
Venue: Festival Walk Glacier

Event is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

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